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Prices may vary depending on mileage and conditions.
For example if a couch is on the fifth story of an apartment with no elevator, this requires a lot of extra manual labor and is therefore billable.
Or for example you are moving several items requiring me to move items in and out of the pickup house as well as the delivery location require extra time and must be billable.
I usually work alone and heavy items that need to be lifted into my truck are lifted by myself and may also result in an additional fee.
Additional fees are usually in increments of $10 each on average.
Call or email for a quote.

Please try to be practical. Littleton deliveries are from Littleton to Littleton and do not include truckloads of items.

Wisconsin is not included in outside the Denver area.

I chose to remove the term "Denver Metro" because to me is cities that are immediately surrounding Denver - Not Fort Collins, not Boulder etc.

Deliveries can be made to further areas such as Colorado Springs for a minimum of $120.

There are drive times, mileage, gas etc to be calculated into deliveries and as a handyman offering a handy service, I am $45 per hour.

Larger moves requiring a helper such as apartment moves are $65 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

If a helper is needed on my end for one delivery and it's completely local, a minimum of $60-90 might be requested.

If you're feeling extra thrifty as some often do, I'll gladly drive the truck and let you load & unload it for no additional fees. : )

Occasionally it's been requested that I pick up a customer, take them to the buyer, load the couch and bring them back...I will and do charge extra for this.

Please don't hesitate to contact me.

My prices are always negotiable and we will agree on a rate suitable to us both.

I'm often available on short notice as well so keep my phone number programmed in your phone!

Additional fees for appliances! - $60-120 has been the range.




   Sectional couch, some chests and a chair.





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